Fun Christmas Gift Exchange Games

Fun Christmas Gift Exchange GamesAre you ready for fun Christmas Gift Exchange Games? Yes you are and so is everyone you’ve invited to your Christmas party!

So, without delay, here you go!

Gift Card Tree
Add clothespins with three different colored ribbons tied to them to your Christmas tree, say red, green & white. Ask each of your guests to bring a gift card from anywhere (store, restaurant, online, etc) in a plain envelope. If the gift card is for a woman, pin it to a red ribbon clothespin. For a man, pin it to the green clothespin. For either a man or woman, pin it to a white ribbon clothespin.

Put everyone’s name in a box and then draw names. As the names are drawn, the person goes to get their gift card. Wait until everyone has a gift card to open them.

Letter of Name Exchange Game

For this game, have your family or friends draw names with enough time to purchase a gift for the name they’ve drawn. The kicker here is that the gift buyer must buy something that starts with the first letter of the recipient’s first name.  For example, if I drew Monica, I’d have to buy something that started with an ‘M’ – muffin pan, mittens, mug, etc.

Get to Know You Exchange

Have everyone bring a gift to the exchange and place it in the middle of the room.
Create a list of questions appropriate to your group. If it’s family, you can personalize it. Each question will also tell people what to do. Start with some broad statements to get everyone a gift and then move into more specifics. Here are a few examples:

  • If you’ve ever spend Christmas out of the country you choose a gift.
  • If you check your Facebook daily, you can choose a gift.
  • If you have a sibling, you can choose a gift.
  • If you have eyes, you can get a gift. (Everyone should have a gift by now)
  • If you’ve ever been to NYC, you can swap gifts with someone.
  • If you’ve ever run a marathon, you can open your gift.
  • If you’ve ever done yoga, you can swap gifts with someone.
  • If you have red hair, you can open your gift.

And on and on. Create a longer list for a longer game. About halfway through the game, throw in a switch-up like everyone must past their gift to the right.

You may want to clarify the rules such as you don’t have to swap a gift if the statement read is true but if someone requests to swap with you, then you must exchange.

Questions Exchange Game

To prep for this game, you’ll need a lot of slips of paper with questions and commands on them. Here are some examples:

  • What is your favorite color?
    Tell everyone wearing green to open their gift.
  • What do you love most about Christmas?
    Tell everyone wearing earrings to open their gift.
  • How do you feel about snow?
    Have everyone pass their gifts to their right.
  • When did you learn Santa wasn’t real?
    Have everyone swap gifts with the person across from them.

Have everyone start out with a gift and in a circle. Start with someone (the oldest, closest birthday, ect) and have them draw a slip out of a hat or bowl, read the question, answer it, and do the action.

The more questions you have, the longer your game will be.

Christmas Story Exchange
Write down words on slips of paper from your favorite Christmas story like “Twas the Night before Christmas.”  Have all the gifts in the middle of the circle. Have each guest choose a word.

Now, read the story. When you say the word from the story, the person with that word yells “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and picks a gift.

If you want, you can pass out two words to each person and when they get their second word, they have to swap their gift with someone else or with the pile if there are gifts left.

Whatever you do, be sure to have fun playing these fun Christmas Exchange Games!


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