French Christmas Desserts

One of the best parts about the Christmas season in France is the special traditional French Christmas desserts that you can find offered throughout the season.

Yule Log or La buche de Noel - a French Christmas Dessert
Photo Credit: romkey

La buche de Noel – Yule Log

La buche de Noel, also called Yule logs, are a favorite dessert of many. The Yule log is a log-shaped cake that is made from chocolate and chestnuts. This dessert is used to represent the special log that is burned from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day in the Perigord.

Le pain calendeau

Another favorite dessert is Le pain calendeau, which you find most often in southern France. This Christmas loaf is made by many families, once it is made a part of the loaf is given to a poor person.

La Galette des Rois

La Galette Des Rois Traditional French Christmas Dessert
Photo Credit: yuichi.sakuraba

La Galette des Rois, which is usually eaten on January 6th in celebration of la fete des Rois, also called Epiphany. This dessert is a round cake hat is cut into various pieces; each piece is handed out by a child that is hiding under the table, referred to as le petit roi or L’Enfant soleil. Inside of the cake is a small charm, called la feve, whoever finds the charm in their piece of cake is made King or Queen, they also get to choose a partner.

They sound delicious, right? My taste buds are all watery now.

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